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Tom Cruise Teeth Before And After Braces

In 2002, Tom Cruise decided to fine tune his teeth by getting braces. He only had them on for a few months though (before the paparazzi could get all up in his grill). He opted to get a regular wire with invisible brackets. You can get an invisible wire, but it takes 6 weeks to make and isn't as strong as a regular wire. Plus Tom Cruise only had his braces on for a few months. His teeth were a total train wreck when he was younger. Check out some of the later pictures to see what I'm talking about.

tom cruise braces

Awkward smile much???

tom cruise teeth

That's pretty much the weirdest smile I've ever seen.

tom cruise teeth braces

tom cruise with braces

Yep, here's Tom Cruise' famous teeth as a teenager.

tom cruise teeth 2

And as a kid...

tom cruise young

But he redeemed himself with (I'm sure) years of cosmetic dentistry and spruce ups. It's also very possible that he has Veneers (not confirmed though).

tom cruise

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