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Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before And After Liposuction Gone Wrong

In just a few short years Tara Reid went from cute girl, to insanely hot girl, to plastic surgery disaster. After the second American Pie, she got a botched liposuction procedure that would land her on the cover of every tabloid newspaper in America. Why didn't she just put in the work to lose the 15 - 20 pounds or whatever it was? Was it really that hard to lose the weight through diet and exercise? The result of the liposuction left her stomach with loose and sagging skin that crunches when she inhales. Look at the shocking difference of Tara Reid in this crazy before and after photo.

tara reid before after

Even after revision plastic surgery her stomach has unfortunate scars from the lipo. It's not as noticeable, but when every is looking for it, it's hard to miss.

tara reid liposuction

tara reid lipo

tara reid plastic surgery

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