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Ryan Seacrest Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job And Eyes

Before he was famous, Ryan Seacrest may have had major plastic surgery. He had a subtle nose job, and it looks like he totally re-sculpted the shape of his eyebrows. Before plastic surgery, the inner most part of his eyebrows were down turned, but now there a nice walnut shape. This change gives him a more friendly disposition which is ideal for being a TV host. It's pretty rare for someone as famous as Ryan Seacrest get plastic surgery of this nature though. It's not for sure that he even had this procedure, but this before and after makes it appear so.

ryan seacrest plastic surgery

Oh ya, he was a chubby child... A little weight loss can totally change anyones look.

ryan seacrest before and after

ryan seacrest nose job

This photo contradicts the first one because his eyebrows are the same shape... It's hard to say, so you have to be the judge.

ryan seacrest plastic surgery 2