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Robin McGraw Before And After Plastic Surgery Facelift Pictures

Robin McGraw, wife of Dr. Phil, has had a fair amount plastic surgery through the years. Her most notable procedures are the facelift, Botox treatments and lip injections. In this before and after photo, you can tell that she got lip injections during her mid 50's. At that time she went through an aggressive plastic surgery kick, but has eased up since.

robin mcgraw plastic surgery

Despite all of her facial work, Robin McGraw still tries to maintain a natural look. In fact, has her own skin care line that claims to do just that.

robin mcgraw before and after

Because Robin Mcgraw has such a prominent chin, it makes it seem like any plastic surgery she had is bigger than it really is. It seems like any abnormalities that you naturally have will eventually become plastic surgery rumors when you're older. Funny how that works...

robin mcgraw facelift

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