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Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

Pamela Anderson has had plastic surgery probably more times than you've seen a doctor in your life! At her peak, the boob job queen had a DD breast size, but is currently only at a 34D (only...). This before and after photo shows her as a young women with her natural breast size (small C cup). Is it just me, or does a young Pamela Anderson look exactly like Jennette McCurdy?

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

This is Pamela Anderson when she had breast implants to the max. This is just an unattractive look though. Here we can see her playing the role of "Lisa" from the hit TV series Baywatch. She hadn't had any facial plastic surgery yet, just one or two boob jobs maybe... At the peak of her popularity, Pamela Anderson already had a ridiculous breast size. For some reason though, she felt the need to keep making them bigger. Again, this is her with DD cups.

pamela anderson breast implants