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Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job, Jaw, Eyes

Say it aint so! Did Michelle Phan get plastic surgery?! Before and after photos reveal that the makeup queen likely got jaw surgery, a nose job, and double eyelid surgery. Many fans feel betrayed that she used plastic surgery to change her look when all she does is preach makeup, makeup, MAKEUP! In the before photo she has a round jaw, while in the after photo her face is heart shaped. People don't realize just how significant a part of your face the jaw is. All of the South Korean plastic surgery that you may have seen or read about is totally predicated on jaw surgery. It looks like Michelle Phan had bone shaved from the sides of her jaw along with a small chin implant.

Michelle Phan Before And After

It's also rumored that she had double eyelid surgery. It's popular now to get your eyes widened for that anime look.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

It looks like her nose is wider in the before picture (again, her eyes are much smaller too). If Michelle Phan had a nose job, the doctor removed cartilage from the bridge and tip. Her nose looks much thinner and smoother now.

Michelle Phan nose job

So, let's recap! Here's all of the alleged plastic surgery that Michelle Phan got.:

  1. nose job
  2. jaw surgery
  3. double eyelid surgery
Is it still just makeup???

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Jaw

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