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Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Melanie Griffith has had a bumpy road with plastic surgery, and is often teased for it. There was a time when she overdid a facelift, had the trout pout lips, and was chalk full of Botox. Fortunately, she's let some of the effects from that fade away over time. This before and after photo shows her with all the aforementioned procedures.

melanie griffith plastic surgery

The Botox made her chin look kind of crooked. However, when you look at younger photos of Melanie Griffith, you can see that her chin looks the same. After plastic surgery though, the abnormalities just stand out more.

melanie griffith plastic surgery 3

She's not unaware of the public's opinions on her plastic surgery. Melanie Griffith had this blunt statement to say, "Most people are telling me I look horrible. The tweets I get are really nasty."

melanie griffith before and after

We can see her with the trout pout lips here. The lip injections made her upper lip jet out too much.

melanie griffith before and after 2

melanie griffith facelift

She works with a yoga trainer 4 times a week and has been making strides to corrects the effects of her plastic surgery. So, hopefully it works out!

melanie griffith plastic surgery 2

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