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Kristen Stewart Boob Job Before And After

Boob job rumors about Kristen Stewart surfaced in 2012. After arriving at the 2012 Comic-Con with a cup size bigger breast size, the debate began. Naysayers argue that she's just wearing a push-up bra, while even some board certified plastic surgeons have no doubt she got breast implants. Dr. Anthony Youn had this to say, “While this might be the result of a new, state-of-the-art bra, it’s most likely the result of a breast augmentation.” It indeed looks like there's some padding on her bra, but it's just too big of a difference. She's a large A cup in the before photo, and jumps to a large B in the after.

kristen stewart breast implants

If Kristen Stewart had a boob job, the results came out fabulous! Even with a B cup, her bust looks totally natural for her frame.

kristen stewart breast implants

kristen stewart boob job

kristen stewart before and after