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Kim Kardashian Lip Injections

Here's the hard part about proving whether or not Kim Kardashian had lip injections: her lips have always been insanely plump! But when you see them up close, it seems like there's just no way they could be natural. Since her lips were essentially the same in 2006 and late high school as they are now, there's no way she had lip injections right? Well, not necessarily. Remember what household she grew up in. Her mom, step dad, and all of her sisters have had plastic surgery. Kris had a facelift on Keeping up with the Kardashians for crying out loud. I'd hardly be surprised if Kim Kardashian got lip injections as a sweet 16 present. Granted, it would be hard to keep that regiment up through now (unless she got some sort of permanent filler).

kim kardashian lip injections

kim kardashian lips before and after

Kim Kardashian Lips

Kim's lips look a little more plump in 2011 VS 2006, but it's so slight.

kim kardashian lip injections