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Justin Bieber Cars | Pictures

Just like any other 21 year old, Justin Bieber loves fancy cars and mansions. He owns vintage cars and flashy sports alike! This first car is one of the classic cars that's featured in his music video, "Boyfriend."

Justin Bieber Cars

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Here's Justin Bieber in his yellow Lamborghini while leaving a Miami night club with model Chantel Jeffries. Ah yes, no car collection would be complete without a Lamborghini.

Justin Bieber Lamborghini

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Justin Bieber Car 2

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This was a great day for Fisker Karma owners everywhere when they put a recall on the hybrid model. This one in particular belonged to Justin.

Justin Bieber Cars 3

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Justin Bieber Cars 2

Pacific Coast News
This is Justin Bieber's white 458 Italia Ferrari. This sports cars has an msrp of $233,509 and reaches a top speed of 202 mph. Let's hope he wasn't doing that in his quiet Calabasas neighborhood. He wouldn't want to anger his neighbors any further.

Justin Bieber Car

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