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John Travolta Wig Or Hair Transplant?

Does John Travolta wear a wig, or did he get a hair transplant? Did the chicken or the egg come first? Well, no hair transplant ever came, so it must be a toupee! John Travolta has tried to recapture the glory of his Grease days by maintaining a respectable hairline, but he problem is that it's so obviously unnatural. He's tried dyes, nettings, different lengths, and it always seems to be indicating of a hairpiece. It's odd that he wouldn't even consider getting a hair transplant.

john travolta wig

Up close you can see where the netting holds the wig in place. An adhesive is applied to the netting to stick it in place on your scalp.

john travolta toupee

Yep, that's a wig.

john travolta hair

Here's John Travolta totally bald with the mustache.

john travolta bald

Ah yes, John Travolta with his 50's greaser look...

john travolta young

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