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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Joan Rivers should be given a medal for all of the plastic surgery she's had. After several facelifts and Botox treatments, it's hard to even recognize her as a young woman. This before and after picture shows just how different Joan Rivers' face used to look. The biggest change is the shape of her eyes. The reason it makes such a big difference is because the eyes are the most defining facial feature (even more than the nose).

joan rivers plastic surgery

This photo shows Joan Rivers at various stages of her life looking different at each stop. Somehow she's made her unique look work to her favor though. By being self-effacing and completely open about the plastic surgery she's had, Joan's beat the media to the punch line.

Joan Rivers Cosmetic Surgery

joan rivers before and after

joan rivers facelift

joan rivers plastic surgery before and after

Here she is as a young woman and from recen.

joan rivers before after

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