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Jennifer Lopez Before And After Plastic Surgery Nose Job

It's a mystery as to whether or not Jennifer Lopez had a nose job. While before and after photos try and prove that she had the plastic surgery, it's definitely not for certain. It looks like her nose was a little bit bigger in 1998. It's hard to tell though...

Jennifer Lopez Before And After

Here's Jennifer Lopez has a teenager. Does it look bigger to you there?

Jennifer Lopez Cosmetic Surgery

In this before and after photo, it looks like her nose used to be more pressed in. It's almost as if she got a second nose job to rebuild the bridge. It's possible that she had 2 nose jobs: one that removed too much bone and one to rebuild it.

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

Again, her nose looks jagged and unnatural. It's hard to find a consistency with Jennifer Lopez's nose - which indicates she may have had plastic surgery.

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

In the before picture, it looks like her nose used to be more prominent. As I elluded to before, it's possible that this happened:

  1. This left picture was before her first nose job.
  2. She then had a nose job which removed too much bone from the bridge (which explains the pressed in and overly jagged nose above).
  3. She then had a second nose job to rebuild the bridge and smooth it out.
That's all just speculation though. Do you think she had a nose job?

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery