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Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before And After

With the type of popularity that Jennifer Lawrence has attained, nose job and other types of plastic surgery rumors inevitable surface. These before and after pictures show her from high school up to now. Overall, it doesn't look like there's any difference in the shape and contour of her nose. The plastic surgery gossip gets louder when she's seen without makeup on *see photo # 2.

Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery

While she looks COMPLETELY difference without makeup, her nose still has the same overall.

Jennifer Lawrence No Makeup

Jennifer Lawrence may have a bigger nose in the before photo, but it's probably just the lighting.

Jennifer Lawrence Nose Job

I don't think there's any difference from when she was in high school up until now. While it looks like Jennifer Lawrence hasn't had a nose job, she's certainly mastered the art of using makeup - a non-plastic surgery approach.

Jennifer Lawrence Cosmetic Surgery