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Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery And Nose Job Rumors

It's believed that Jennifer Garner has had a nose job. Plastic surgery rumors were sparked because her nose looks a little bigger in old photos of her. This first before and after shows the difference in her nose from high school and from her 30's.

Do you think Jennifer Garner got plastic surgery?

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Garner definitely has a symmetrical, thin anesthetically pleasing nose now.

Jennifer Garner Nose Job

I love the super 80's look here! The big rimmed glasses and deep red lipstick really bring it all together.

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

It looks like her nose has a small hump in the before picture. The bridge protrudes in the before pic while it's thinner and flatter in after pic.

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Garner Cosmetic Surgery
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