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Jennifer Aniston Botox Photos

Jennifer Aniston admitted that she's used Botox. She also acknowledges that it's not a good look for her, and that it can become addictive. She had this to during an interview with InStyle: "People think that I do a lot of injections, but I don’t. I'm not saying that I haven’t tried it… but I see how it’s a slippery slope.  All that cosmetic stuff looks ridiculous on me." 2011 was when Jennifer Aniston aggressively used Botox. Not only is her face puffy, it looks like she's having a hard time making normal expressions.

Jennifer Aniston Botox

Pacific Coast News
The most noticeable effect of Botox usually comes around the jaw line. Limited movement in your smile can be a side effect of the treatment. Since her stint with Botox, Jennifer Aniston has used it much more sparingly. Lesson learned!

Jennifer Aniston Botox

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