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Jennifer Aniston Before And After Breast Implants And Bra Size

Jennifer Aniston won't admit that she's had breast implants, but luckily we have before and after pictures to prove that she did! Her bra size used to be a modest A cup, and now it's up to a C. The apprehension for her to show off her boobs in movies might be because she doesn't want people to know that she's had a boob job. Either way, the evidence is overwhelming.

Jennifer Aniston Breast Implants

Even though Jennifer Aniston is wearing a push bra in the after photo, there's too much of a size difference for it not be from breast implants. While her breasts are sagging in the middle picture (no bra), and are pretty flat in the left picture, they're firm and perky in the right. The most obvious difference in her breast size comes in the first before and after photo. She can discredit the breast implants rumors all she wants, but these photos aren't lying!

Jennifer Aniston Before And After