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Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job Pictures

You can be a plastic surgery hater all you want, but Ivanka Trump got an incredible nose job. The before and after photos show her with two completely different looking noses. Before surgery, her nose had a big bump on the bridge, and it was a little wider. Now, she literally has a picture perfect nose! The width is even from top to bottom, It's perfectly smooth around the bridge, and the tip with a good width. The tip is the most important aspect of a nose job. If the doctor screws that up, you're pretty much screwed.

Ivanka Trump Nose Job

Here's a close up of Ivanka Trump's nose in 1998, 2006, and 2007. From this before and after, it's clear that she had 2 nose jobs. For the first nose job, the doctor took off too much bone and cartilage from the bridge. For the second nose job, He / She likely did a rib graft (cartilage taken from the rib or behind the ear) to build the bridge back up.

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Overall, Ivanka Trump now has a great looking nose! Excellent plastic surgery for Donald Trump's daughter!

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

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