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Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before And After Boob Job Bra Size

Since becoming a Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham completely transformed her look with plastic surgery. As a two time boob job vet, she's increased her bra size from an A, to a C, all the way up to a D cup! It's obvious that there's not much that's real on Farrah Abraham. Before breast implants, she was literally completely flat (I mean NO breasts). Now she has cannons protruding from that chest!

Farrah Abraham Boob Job

Why is Farrah Abraham famous?

That's a good question. She was a member of the MTV hit series "Teen Mom," then famously released that sex tape. The funny thing is that she actually had the nerve to say that the sex tape was a private thing that wasn't supposed to get out into the public. OK Farrah Abraham... OK...

Farrah Abraham before and after

Farrah Abraham Boob Job

Her baby is like, "I don't remember those being there."

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery was the first thing on Farrah Abraham's mind after getting that MTV money. As stated before, she had two separate boob jobs.

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Just look at her breast size difference in this before and after picture. In the left picture, from when she was on "Teen Mom", she's consulting with a plastic surgeon to discuss her options with breast implants.

Farrah Abraham Breast Implants

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