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Did Kim Kardashian Get Butt Implants?

It's the age old question, "did Kim Kardashian get butt implants?" She insists that her butt is all natural and even got an X-Ray to prove it. However, many fans still suspect she's had butt injections. There's even a few before and after photos that show her butt looking much smaller in the past. Here we can see her in 2006 with a smaller dairy air. Some of this might be due the the weird angle, but you can't deny that there's a pretty noticeable difference.

kim kardashian butt implants

Again, her butt was WAY smaller in 2006. What happened?!

kim kardashian butt implant

Kim Kardashian's butt through the years...

kim kardashian ass

kim kardashian hot


kim kardashian butt

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