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Crystal Hefner Plastic Surgery For Boob Job And Nose Job

Crystal Hefner, wife of Hugh Hefner, has had two plastic surgery operations. Before and after photos reveal that she had a boob job and nose job (in just the last couple of years). Crystal Hefner was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for December 2009, then got engaged to Hugh Hefner in 2010. Before they were engaged though, she hadn't had any plastic surgery yet. I can understand her getting the breast implants, but the nose job seems unnecessary. Not only is her nose jagged now, but the bridge doesn't match the tip.

Crystal Hefner Plastic Surgery

After plastic surgery, the tip of her nose is too big for how thin the bridge is. Also, since no more of the cartilage can be removed from the tip, she's going to be stuck with that look (Otherwise you'll start to enter Michael Jackson territory).

Crystal Hefner Plastic Surgery 2

Her nose was actually a little big before the nose job, but it fit her face. There's nothing wrong with being unique (it's a good thing!).

crystal hefner plastic surgery 3