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Cameron Diaz Before And After Boob Job | New Bra Size

Cameron Diaz hasn't admitted to getting breast implants, but the before and after pictures speak pretty loudly. Plastic surgeons agree that the star most likely had a boob job. Here's what Dr. Marcel Daniels of Long Beach, California told Radar Online in a 2012 interview, "In my opinion, she has had an augmentation and not just gained weight as she is as thin as ever." Her bra size is a small A cup in the right photo, and solid B in the left.

Cameron Diaz Boob Job

Here's a closer look.

Cameron Diaz Before And After

Cameron Diaz Boob Job

From the side, there's no question that Cameron Diaz had breast implants.

Cameron Diaz Boob Job

While the change seems significant, she really only increased her breast size by a cup. Overall, Cameron Diaz's new chest gives her a frame a fuller look.

Cameron Diaz Breast Implants