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Britney Spears Breast Implants And New Bra Size

Around 2000, something incredible and unexpected happened... Britney Spears had breast implants! The boob job increased her bra size from an A cup to a 36 C! As I've stated before, when you increase your breast size by more than a cup, it becomes risky. While her breast implants looked great back in the day, they seem unnatural and unnecessary now.

britney spears breast implants

Here's the transformation from 1999 to the late 2000's. She still has her 36 C bra size and has no plans of getting rid of them.

britney spears boob job

Even after child birth, Britney Spears has opted to keep her breast implants in. That must be awkward when breast feeding...

britney spears breast implants

Britney Spears Breast Implants