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Ben Savage Nose Job Before And After Pictures

Prior to the 'Girl Meets World' premier, a huge debate broke out on whether or not Ben Savage had a nose job. Before and after pictures from when he was kid show how tip of his nose looks pointier than it used to. In fact, many fans made Pinocchio comparisons (just cruel...). In the before photo, his nose looks shorter and more rounded at the tip.

Ben Savage Nose Job

It seems almost indisputable that Ben Savage had a nose job, but here's my only hang up on the matter: The whole controversy broke out in 2014 as if it he'd "just" gotten the nose job. But this photo shows him back in 2011 with the same exact pointy nose (while partying with Kristin Cavallari). So if he had the plastic surgery, it was years before the Girl Meets World Premier. Did no one notice just because he wasn't on the scene?

Ben Savage Nose Job

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