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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before And After Boob Job

Anna Faris shocked the world after a little plastic surgery turned her insanely hot. After a very noticeable boob job, her breast size became a solid C cup. For her frame though, that bra size is actually quite average. However, going from an A to a C cup is what makes it so significant. Typically, when breast implants change you bra size by any more than a cup, it's noticeable. In this before and after pic, Anna Faris hadn't had any plastic surgery yet. She was still extremely attractive, but you may notice her face (as opposed to other assets) just a little more...

Anna Faris Boob Job

See how Anna Faris only had an A cup before plastic surgery? Remember her from Scary Movie I? She was actually portrayed as the cute, corky, and not-so-datable girl. Funny how 8 years later she's playing an ex-playmate in The House Bunny.

Anna Faris Before Plastic Surgery

anna faris before and after

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

Anna Faris Breast Implants

Anna Faris Cosmetic Surgery