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Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Nose Job Pictures

We all remember the summer of 2013 when Amanda Bynes became a plastic surgery addict. She had multiple nose jobs to shave down the bridge of her nose and remove the webbing around her eyes. In fact, she explained that the webbing around her eyes was a "serious birth defect" and that she should be considered a hero for suffering through it for 27 years. Hmmm... really??

Not really sure if Amanda Bynes is supposed to be making a sexy face here?

amanda bynes plastic surgery 2

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
This photo shows her after the nose job where webbing around her eye was removed. Show off that inner eye with pride girl!

amanda bynes nose job

Notice how the bridge of her nose was narrowed and smoothed. Overall, this was very subtle plastic surgery.

amanda bynes plastic surgery

If you look closely at Amanda Bynes' inner eye, you can see that there's extra loose skin around it. It's something that literally no would ever notice unless it was pointed out to you.

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

amanda bynes nose job
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