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Aly Michalka Plastic Surgery Boob Job And Bra Size

The effects from Aly Michalka's boob job made her breasts spaced too far apart, which is the worst thing that can happen with this type of plastic surgery. This can happen when the implants / saline aren't put in properly, or it can simply happen over a long period of time (this was the immediate results of Aly Michalka's plastic surgery though).

aly michalka breast implants

aly michalka boob job

She looks fabulous in this before and after picture. Before breast implants, her bra size was just an A cup, but now it's a solid C.

aly michalka boob job 2

How would you rate her boob job? It looks great from the side, but from straight on it looks odd. It's almost like Aly Michalka has to keep her breasts scrunched up to prevent them from spacing out too much.

aly michalka plastic surgery

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