Lindsay Lohan Before And After Botox And Drugs

Please don't mix drugs and Botox when you have an unclear head... That's what Lindsay Lohan did and this is what happened. Here's a before and after picture of her from 2004 and around 2012. Not only did she get way too much Botox, she also got fillers and lip injections done. It's frightening how much someone's appearance can change in just a few short years. From Mean Girls to the mean streets of L.A., Lindsay Lohan has seen it all.

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Lindsay Lohan Botox

Overly plump lips are not a good look. Lindsay Lohan has the trout pout lips going on in the "after photo."

Lindsay Lohan Botox

Lindsay Lohan Botox

Oh my...

lindsay lohan botox

Lindsay Lohan Botox Rating

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